Woodworking greetings from Germany to the USA – ask craftsmen

Hello everybody, in this video i want to greet all the woodworking craftsmen over the world. I am from Germany and I asked myself why there are only a few visits from the USA and from other countries all over the world in my woodworking channel.

So this is why i want to test, if i can reach other woodworker when i do my videos in english language. So in my video i’ll give you a view to my workshop, what are my favourite tools.

This is cordless screwdriver, my workbench, my automatic saw and my planing machine.

Please give your opinion and comment what are your favourite tools. It would be a pleasure to see you again. Perhaps you even want to subscribe my channel – please do it 🙂

Nachstehend gebe ich Euch noch eine Auflistung über von mir eingesetzte Werkzeuge und Hilfemittel, vielleicht ist ja für Euch auch was dabei

Bandsäge metabo BAS 261
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Einhell Flachdübelfräse TC-BJ 900
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Oberfräse Bosch POF 1400
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Bandschleifer Bosch PBS 75 AE Set
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Wolfcraft Meisterdübler
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Einhell Zug Kapp Gehrungssäge TC-SM 2534 Dual
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Tauchsäge Scheppach PL75
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Akkuschrauber Makita
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Zwingen / Einhandzwingen
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Einhell Dekupiersäge TC-SS 405 E
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